There are many articles out there about the importance of following up.  You’ve probably come across the statistics claiming that we must follow up a certain amount of times in order to be successful. These resources have their place because they remind us not to give up too soon. But relationship building is not a science.  There is no magic number of touches that someone might need before they choose to hire you. Often the quality of the follow up is even more important than the quantity.

Besides, do you really need statistics to convince you that it’s vital to have a follow up system? Think about yourself as a consumer. Aren’t you more likely to buy from a company that shows interest in winning your business? Do you remember the salespeople who took extra care to make you feel valued? Of course you do!

When coaches resist engaging in the follow up process, it’s usually because of fear. You might be worried that you are bothering the person, or that you will come across as the stereotype of the pushy salesperson. But, if you don’t follow up, you may be missing an opportunity to really help that person.

The solution is simple.

Add value.

Value-added follow up is about meeting the needs of your ideal client. Always focus on what you can give. Remind your prospect that you are ready when they are, while providing ongoing reminders of all the ways coaching can enrich their lives. Nurture your leads in a way that benefits them, and they will always be happy to hear from you.

Some Examples of Value-Added Follow Up:

  • Offer a complimentary session
  • Pick up the phone to check in
  • Send out a monthly email newsletter with coaching strategies
  • Invite prospects to like your Facebook page and follow you on Twitter
  • Connect on LinkedIn
  • Invite prospects to a speaking engagement
  • Host a free webinar

The above follow up strategies are only useful if you are using these platforms to create value for your network. Social media sites are great opportunities to position yourself as an expert in your chosen niche and to let your prospects get to know you. A complimentary session will enable you to show your prospect how your services can benefit them. Your email newsletter can be a resource for the things you know are important to your ideal client while building trust and credibility.

Following up is so much more than relentless sales calls. When you focus on adding value, your prospects will be happy to hear from you and much more likely to choose you as a coach and refer you to others. We can do this by creating opportunities to follow up with them in ways that add value to their lives.