Special Offer for LIVE Teleclass Attendance

We appreciate that you have taken the time to visit and explore our Website and to take part in one of our LIVE teleclasses. This offer is extended only to individuals who have taken the time to attend one of our LIVE teleconference calls. More than ever before, people are turning to professional life coaches for a variety of reasons. For some, they simply understand that professional life coaching assistance can help them achieve a higher level of success both personally and in business. Others are motivated by the troubling realization their lives are moving on a random course without definition, direction or control. You can help these individuals become empowered to get their lives back on a pathway that makes a difference as they begin to reach for their goals. It is important to know that anyone can be a great coach with the right motivation, training and tools at hand. Our training is easy to follow, written in a simple linear fashion and contains turn-key coaching solutions that will get you coaching quickly. No more trial and error, if you can follow a script you can coach anyone. Because you took the time out of your busy schedule to participate in one of our LIVE teleclasses, we know you are probably serious about your commitment to learning more about becoming a certified coach. We are very happy to extend the following special tuition price to you.

This offer is extended to you for 30-days only  and may not be combined with any other offer.

PAYMENT OPTION ONE: Single Payment of only $1,400.00 USD *Pay your program cost in one payment by using the payment button below.

PAYMENT OPTION TWO: Payment plan with 0% interest. Total cost of program still only $1,400.00 USD

*Your full program cost through this offer is only $1,400.00 USD when your purchase your tuition on this payment plan. Pay ONLY $199.00 USD down today followed by 8 additional monthly installments of ONLY $150.00 USD to follow. Subscribe to this payment schedule below.