Coaching the interconnected systems of head, heart and gut brains!

As a Coach, it’s incredibly important to realise that in coaching your Client, you are not just coaching them in isolation of the system(s) in which they are embedded and connected.

As your Client changes, those changes send interdependent ripples and causal interactions into their deeply connected systems of relationships.

And these changes can have both emergent and unintended effects, (we’ll explore this notion in more detail later in this article), as well as lead the system as a whole to respond by counter-influencing the Client to undo the changes and remain the same.

In a deep sense, systems act like living organisms and have ‘immune functions’ that work to maintain the system in status quo.

So based on this, you can begin to see how understanding and using Systems Thinking processes – the tools for understanding and mapping systems – might be a truly important skill set for both the Coach and the Client.