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Personal CoachingPersonal coaching

My approach to personal coaching is to begin with establishing a relationship of trust and understanding. I utilize two effective models presented within the Newfield Coaching program. The first is the BEL model being Body, Emotion and Language. In essence the Body component helps people to become more aware of how they present themselves physically and how their physical self impacts interaction and relationships. The second component, Emotion, highlights how we have an emotional response to any event and how we react to that impact. Here I introduce the concept of mindfulness which allows us to become aware of an emotional surge and how to slow down the possible kneejerk response which may or may not have worked for us in the past. The third component is Language. Here I highlight how the language we use not only creates the kind of day we will have but very often determines how others will perceive and interact with us


The second model O.A.R. (Observer + Action = Result) brings perspective to the BEL model.
Typically we see the world in one way and we have learned how to initiate action to achieve a result. In some cases we do not get the result we had hoped for so we re-work the action and try again. This can lead to an unfulfilling loop never achieving the result we seek. In the application of this model I help people take a further step back and assess themselves as the observer. Can I look at this situation differently? Then initiate action in a different direction increasing potential for a more desirable result.

Each coaching session will result in a co-created practice that you will apply to the challenge and will serve as a measure of success for personal growth.

Corporate TrainingCorporate Training

Throughout my years of working with organizations and teams, I have come to realize that regardless of how much information is revealed through assessment tools and personality profiling, if that information is not supported there are limited results. My workshops are intended to introduce information and practices then, facilitate the application of the practice in class to bring in the experiential aspect of learning. Participants work through exercises related to Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness, Effective Communication and Creative Goal Planning. I have learned that knowledge without application is just knowledge. Knowledge with application becomes a skill and it is through creating new skill sets that change happens. My experience has shown that developing increased awareness and effective application in these areas results in a more inspired individual. I also believe that an inspired individual has more long lasting effect than a motivated one.

My preference is to have participants from all levels of the organization participate so awareness and support of subsequent changes can be ongoing.