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Have these products working for you. These products are prepared to be used by Coaching industry professionals who want effective and profitable tools in their arsenal when working one-on-one with clients or developing their community ties and client-base.
Here is just a few ideas how these incredible products can be used:

  • As e-courses;
  • Used in conjunction with your workshops and seminars;
  • Follow-ups to your coaching sessions;
  • As articles for your newsletters;
  • Use however they will best advance your coaching work!



This product is provided for your personal use as a professional coach. You do not have permission to resell, lend, or give this material away to anyone for any reason. We ask that you respect the copyright laws. Should you desire to use part of this book in any format that you wish to publish, you must receive a release. You may copy portions of this materials for working with your personal clients.

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