How do I find a training program for coaches with my background or in my specialty?
You can use the “Coaching Specialty” search. For recommendations, you may join a Community of Practice in your specialty or find coaches in your specialty through the “Find a Coach” function on the ICF website.

Why can’t I find a program in my area?
There are more than 200 approved programs. Less than half are in the United States and Canada, and most of those are in big cities or near the coasts. If you can’t find a program near you, many are offered via distance learning.

Do I have to attend an ICF-approved program?
Attending an ICF-approved program is recommended, but non-approved programs that meet ICF’s definition of coach-specific training are also accepted toward the training requirements once ICF has reviewed the course curriculum for an ICF Credential.

Do I have to get an ICF Credential?
ICF recommends getting a credential, but coaching is not regulated by any country or state, so you are not required to get training or credentials.

How do I get my credentials through the ICF?
You would need to submit an application to the ICF for approval. The requirements for each level of credential can be found at the following links.


What changes have been made to the credentialing program?
View a credential requirements chart detailing changes in the program starting April 1, 2014 here.

Can I be a Mentor Coach?
You can Mentor Coaches with the same level credential you hold or someone seeking a lower-level credential. For example if you are a PCC, you may be a mentor to ACC and PCC coaches.

When can I apply for my credentials through the ICF?
You may purchase your application as soon as you have met all the requirements at the level of credential for which you are applying.

When will my credentialing application be reviewed?
This will change based upon the influx of applications coming into the ICF. Right now, it takes six to eight weeks to complete the initial review.

If I coach as part of my job, can I count those hours as paid?
Yes, you can, as long as coaching is in your job description. This is considered internal coaching. Learn more.

Client Coaching Log: Can I calculate group coaching hours for my credential application?
Yes. If you are coaching a group you will document that session by giving ICF one name and email address from one person in the group and providing ICF with the number of people in the group (group coaching can be done with only 15 members or less). You cannot multiply hours times participants in the group. If you coach 15 people for 1 hour, you can only count that as one hour of coaching, not 15 hours.

Do I have to apply for the ACC before I apply for the PCC or MCC?
You can apply for any level credential as long as you meet all requirements for that level. Most applicants start off with the ACC because they do not have the number of coaching hours to go straight to the PCC level.