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Welcome To North America’s #1 Online Life Coach Training Program
With Over 35,000 Students In Over 30+ Countries!

Life Coaching Training

ICF Approved learning hours through the International Coach Federation, this is an accelerated program delivered via teleconference classes and online work. Our aim is to keep the class numbers small so that everyone has the opportunity to receive the personal attention deserved.

Our Certification is based upon the eleven (11) Core Coaching Competencies and Ethical Standards as identified by world-wide coaching associations such as the International Coach Federation and others. The Life Coaching Certification™ weaves together the components of coaching while assisting you in developing a greater self-awareness and confidence so that coaching becomes part of who you are.

This course is fully complimented with working forms, worksheets, planning formats and additional reading. ICF strongly recommends that you complete an ICF accredited or approved coach training program before beginning your practice.


The Life Coaching Certification™ training will prepare you for the rewards and challenges of the coaching profession.learn more

Get your FREE copy! Over 100 pages packed with information you should know before you make any coaching career decisions!

Life Coach Certification

Here you receive 150 pages packed with information and resources you should know about before you make any coaching career decisions. This guide will save you many hours of research, help you avoid some common mistakes, and provide you with helpful answers that will support you in making an informed decision about the life coach profession.

Evaluating Coaching – “A guide to exploring your career in coaching.” will cut through the clutter of information, assisting you to find the best strategies for achieving what you want. People pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars for life coach training – explore your options before you make any decisions.

Written in an easy-read PDF format, you to easily adjust the text size to what is most comfortable for you.


 Business Overview Solutions

Life Coaching Training

The ‘BUSINESS OVERVIEW SOLUTIONS’ easily allows you to create a manual to track all of the important information and have it at your fingertips! Here is just a sampling of what the ‘Business Overview Solutions’ will help you do:

  • Maintain ALL of your critical business information and keep it at your fingertips;
  • Document and legal structure;
  • Safely stow all of your critical account information;
  • Maintain company inventory;
  • Detail all critical services and systems of operation;
  • Inventory office equipment, software and supplies;
  • Verify all current procedures;
  • Track USERNAMES and Passwords;
  • Track email accounts and related Passwords;
  • Record URL’s and related Passwords;


You work hard to build your business.
You need an easy solution to help you easily track all of your business resources in one accessible place.

Success Conversion Coaching is an accelerated program delivered via teleconference classes containing 24 independent, stand-alone modules delivered over 24-weeks…Learn More
 Based on psychological principles, our 50 question assessment determines if you possess the right skills, abilities, and talents to be an effective coach. This is NOT your usual generic quiz! Instead, this 50-question assessment looks beyond the simple characteristics of being a good coach, to see whether you are a natural coach. Many people can learn to be a coach, but few seem to be born to be a coach. Take this assessment now to see if you are a “natural.” Learn More
This 12-hour immersion program provides you with all of the tools you’ll need to be a an awesome coach! Ideal for the psychologist wanting to add coaching to his/her services, individuals working in HR, health services and community organizations. Having an entrepreneurial spirit, being self-motivated with the desire to enter the coaching arena without months of study is best.Learn More

Life Coach Training


The Life Coach Certification™ Administrative Team all share a passion for work that is meaningful and has a lasting impact. Led by our Founder, C.E.O. and Chief Learning Officer, Dr. Randin Brons, Ph.D., C.M.H., M.S.L.C., our team comes together in one common vision: to deliver quality world-class, affordable coach training.

We strive to ensure that our students are supported through their learning experience and well into developing their coaching careers. We are a diverse group of dedicated professional individuals who bring to the table a multitude of experience in both coaching itself and business acumen.

Founded by coaches for coaches, The Life Coach Certification™ has years of targeted experience providing coach training and giving coaches cutting-edge skills and expertise in what it takes to enter the world of coaching on a professional level. We have trained, coached and certified hundreds of students worldwide. We keep our training classes small to ensure an intimate experience between the trainer and students. We are proud to be preparing the next generation of personal coaches who will transform the world … one coaching conversation at a time. If you are ready for training and determined to build a business rather than a hobby, this is the place for you.

Life Coach Training

Life Coach Training

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