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What makes our program different? Experience!

Experience matters. The Life Coach Certification™ offers a unique program which we call “Success Conversion Coaching.” Our program is designed to give the competitive edge to career-oriented individuals with the desire to enter the professional coaching arena. Practicing a “values-based” approach to coaching challenges the student to meet the highest standards of critical thinking and ethical reflection while encouraging the development of a highly respected personal and professional behavior.

During this accelerated 6-month ICF approved program you will build on your previous experience and skills in a manner that is unsurpassed. Your focus will be on tools, strategies and patterns proven to assist others who have gone before you in becoming a successful life coach in today’s marketplace. You will quickly learn how to easily begin to market your own business and services.


Leadership Development

Our ICF Approved Coach Specific Training Hours curriculum is designed to make your learning experience easy by providing you with a complete turn-key system that will successfully walk you step by step through the process of selling your coaching services to prospective clients to performing the coaching session itself. There is never any guessing involved. If you can follow directions, you simply can’t do it wrong!

Our coaching system will have you practicing and honing your skills in a few short weeks while you continue your learning experience.

While all coaching programs offer training, not all offer training of equal quality or ease of learning. In fact, programs can and do, vary greatly in quality and inclusion of information and services provided. ICF strongly recommends that you complete an ICF approved coach training program before beginning your practice. Express Coaching™ will prepare you for the rewards and challenges of the coaching profession like no other program.

Success Conversion Coaching program is one of the few programs worldwide that has achieved the prestigious designation of Coach Specific Training Hours by the International Coach Federation. The ICF continuously reviews accepted programs to demonstrate their commitment to the highest standards. Programs are evaluated for excellence in curricula, core competencies, faculty, structure, proficiency, and ethics to support the highest quality in the training of coaches. In completing the Success Conversion Coaching program, you are fulfilling many of the requirements for ICF’s Professional Certified coach credential.

Success Conversion Coaching, Certified LIFE Coach program contains 24 independent, stand-alone modules delivered over 24-weeks. To ensure your success, we provide you with a complete “Turn-key” coaching system.

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As you research coach training programs, you begin to realize that an all-inclusive program that includes a focus on how to establish and grow your coaching practice is critical to your choice of training school. The truth is that without a proven method to ensure that you are growing a business … you have only a hobby. It is our aim to have you coaching to your maximum ability while growing a business that you can be proud of while sustaining you for a lifetime.

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