In Success Conversion Coaching, coachees will begin to explore and find out what works for them so that they can do more of it. They will also explore what does not so that they will be able to focus on doing something that gives them better results. The Life Coach Certification Group adopts a C.O.A.C.H Framework to bring the coachee into realisation of their personalised solutions.

LE_ICF_SFC Approach

1Connect: This phase allows the coaches to establish a common understanding and platform with the coaches so that they will be able to ascertain and measure whether the coaching session is effective.
Outcome Frame: After the contract has been established, the coach and coachee will then be able tocraft out a desired outcome through the use of the four planning questions. This will enable the coachee to focus on the outcomes and not be distracted by potential “noise”.
Action Plans: With the use of the different coaching tools, the coachee will be guided to explore and derive their personalised action plans so that they will be implemented and worked on.
Celebrate: This phase allows both the coach and coachee to celebrate the success of the importance of coming up with an action plan. This is a critical phase, as this serves as the launch pad for the coachee to begin their journey of change.
Hone: Action Plans may be reviewed and refined during the course of action. In this phase, the coach and coachee willevaluate on the success of the action plans and hone it, thus making it stronger and more robust.