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Finally, a truly affordable ICF approved coach training program offering the most effective “turnkey” model of coaching guaranteed to get you to your goal of coach certification FAST! After all, what you really want to do is coach. Invest a few short months of your time and discover why we are your best choice for coach certification. Experience our superior, easy to follow curriculum that has been delivered to thousands of successful coaches since 1992. With our specialized business-building modules anchored throughout our program, you will discover why we are considered the express route to a successful coaching career in the shortest amount of time.

Using our Success Conversion Coaching Model (SCCM), you will quickly learn and master a complete “turn-key” coaching model that will get you on your way FAST! We are confident that you too will follow in the footsteps of our previous graduates and begin practicing your coaching skills within a few short weeks of studying our coaching model.

ICF Approved learning hours through the International Coach Federation, our Success Conversion Coaching Program is an accelerated course delivered over 26-weeks via teleconference and online work. 


Certified Life Coach Training-Course Description

The Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach program lessons are an elective add-on to our Certified LIFE Coach Certification program or stand-alone for the “Spiritual Seeker.”
Accreditation: The Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach additional training is accredited through them Certified Coaches Alliance for thirty-hours..

Master SPIRIT LIFE Coach- Course Description 

This is program is facilitated as Personal Accelerated One-on-One learning experience or through small groups. Success Conversion Coaching model delivers the most complete and effective method of helping your clients achieve their dreams.


Certified Coach Practitioner- Course Description


Here are the key elements that make this program unlike any other:    

* Success Conversion Coaching: Co-Creative Coaching Model. This is the key to understanding what is expected of you as coach and what is expected of your client.

* Success Conversion Coaching: Coaching Session Guide. This guide is your key to working successfully with your clients. Here you are introduced to our client-centered coaching model complete with an outline ready for you to follow. A few short hours of preparation and you simply can’t go wrong.

* Success Conversion Coaching: Enrollment Strategy. Enrolling clients into your coaching business requires some knowledge of both the “science” and the “art” behind successfully moving the individual from prospect to paying client. Our Client Enrollment Strategy is a powerful concept that once learned and honed, will enable you to enroll clients into your coaching practice more quickly than you ever thought possible.

* Building Your Ideal Coaching BusinessTake the guessing out success! The truth is, people don’t buy coaching, they buy solutions. With the right preparation and your own PERSONAL vision, you CAN become successful very quickly! We have carefully crafted and developed a mentoring curriculum to meet each participant’s unique needs. Let us show you how to take selling out of the equation and build a thriving coaching business in less time time than you thought possible.

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This is not the average coaching program.
Only The Life Coach Certification offers you a long-term career strategy.
Build your own viable business, not a hobby.

Coaches fail before they even get started because they’re missing a long-term coaching business success model. With proven coaching models, success systems and aligned personal support you have a recipe to make sure you live and coach brilliantly! We created our program for people like you who wish to receive a high-value coach education, get connected, get beyond the limitations of beginning a successful coaching businesses.

We won’t keep you in training longer than necessary. The Life Coach Certification Group™ provides a complete, easily mastered system that successfully walks you through every important step from preparing for and performing the coaching session itself, to selling your coaching services to prospective clients. There is no guess work involved. If you can follow directions, you can’t go wrong! Our exclusive system will have you practicing and perfecting your coaching skills in just a few short weeks while you continue your learning experience.

We warmly welcome you to our global student-body no matter where you may reside.

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We host one of the largest student bodies of coaching in North America. Available seating fills quickly. 
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Finally, a truly affordable approved coach training program offering the most effective “turnkey” model of coaching guaranteed to get you to your goal of coach certification FAST! After all, what you really want to do is coach.
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Life Coach Certification

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The Life Coach Certification Group is North America’s FIRST Life Coach Online Training Program that allow’s students to attend online telephone Coaching Programs, but most importantly allows students to SAVE Thousands $$. 
  • Telephone Life Coaching Programs
  • As it is all done via Telephone- we do not have to then charge you extra for the facility in-house ( as other life coaching schools have to do- to make their returns )
  • Online Support Provided – ICF Accredited Life Coaching School
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Following the ICF Global Board of Directors’ June 2015 meeting […]

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Founded by coaches for coaches, our coaching system uniquely enables our graduates to provide strong, effective, results-driven coaching with proven tools and methodologies. Our exclusive “Success Conversion Coaching” model is built upon the eleven (11) Core Coaching Competencies and Ethical Standards which are recognized by most world-wide coaching associations.

ICF Approved Life Coach Training

  • Our courses are highly regarded because they exceed the rigorous standards of the International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • We produce excellent coaches we are proud to have trained.
  • ICF acreditaction is a critical requirement for your success as a professional coach
  • As an accredited coach training program (Success Conversion Coaching) fulfills all of the ICF’s educational and practicum requirements
  • The next step is to apply directly to the ICF for your Associate Coach Certificate (ACC) or Professional Coach Certificate (PCC).

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